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to block facebook if url your 2018 unblock website by method

2018 method to unblock your website url if block by facebook - 147 Views
Today friends am going to be giving free toutrial on how to unblock your url if block by facebook.Facebook is keeping his user safe from attack and clicking on spam link
Step to known your url is block[u/]
if you share the url it will display
fb block url
and sometimes make you fraudstrate not to panic the solution is here i was once expriencing this same issue but i unblock my url i write to them
pls facebook unblock my url i was not spaming in facebook i was only trying to get traffic to my blog
but there refuse to reply.Then oneday i was just on facebook liking people post any how then facebook block me from the services and i was asks to write a form if it a mistake
fb block url
Then i write
This not me it was one of my friend that have access to my facebook account that did this and pls unblock

If you want the complete toturial comment hi
Thanks given by:

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