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to avoidfacebook reasons 5

5 reasons to avoidFacebook - 23 Views
Here are my top 5 reasons to avoid

1. It stimulates procrastination - These kind of social media keep you away from work as you would want to check each message received immediately which
disturbs work flow. You can put your phone on silent, but that won't
work for everyone. As for avoiding wasting time on these sites while working on the computer, there are apps to block social media sites for a certain
amount of time like StayFocusd

2. It is addictive- You tend to spend more time on it doing nothing meaningful

3. Its a waste of time- Most posts are not worth reading, lot of rubbish posted online.

4. It shows an unrealistic world- Many people want to show off on media but living a fake life

5. Its superficial- Most science pages post articles that aren't verified, so if you apply that passive learning you've yielded nothing.

As in all life is short, i better spend my time doing things

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