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fasting daddy prayer slam days rccg and 50 freeze

Daddy freeze slam rccg 50 days fasting and prayer - 25 Views
Better You Work Hard, Innovate & Be Creative Than To Do 50 Days Fasten & Prayer - Daddy Freeze Slams RCCG

OAP Freeze never left any stone un-turned when it comes to the way he feels about Nigerian pastors and RCCG church is indeed the one dearest to his heart. He never hesitate on any opportunity he has to throw tantrums against the church and its pastors, owning to the fact that they are the No. 1 in tithes and misleading of the "sheeples".

In a post he shared on Instagram, Daddy Freeze requested that RCCG should remove him from their mailing list as they send him the prayer point for the "Day 2" of their 50 days fasten and prayer continues.

He also advised the church to teach their members how to work hard and make money rather than telling them they can pray their way to wealth.

See his post below....

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(@daddyfreeze) on

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