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it see recession are bypassing nigerians smart how

Recession:see how smart nigerians are bypassing it - 36 Views
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In the last quarter of 2017, news filtered in that Nigeria had finally exited recession. The news was greeted with suspicions, doubts and widespread debate over the veracity of the report. Can you blame Nigerians? Despite the said exit, prices of goods have refused to drop to reflect the news.

One vital question that begged for answers was, if Nigeria is truly out of the economic quagmire as some quarters would have us believe, did recession ever leave Nigerians? Well, the answer stares at us all in the face.

In the midst of the economic turmoil, one blunt truth that many people fail to grasp is that every situation favours a group of people. What seems like a disaster to some is regarded a monumental blessing by others. This polarizes people into 2 groups: those who are hit by a situation and those who hit some good stuff c
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